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Third daughter "Acharya" Rika Matsumoto of Shoko Asahara death row prison - The reason why continues to appeal her father's treatment

2018.03.16 15:15



(写真) オウム麻原彰晃の三女・松本麗華が生出演

(Photo) Aum Shoko Asahara's Third daughter - Rika Matsumoto on a live TV show



Seven finalized death row prisoners in a series of cases by the Aum Shinrikyo were transferred from the Tokyo detention center to another detention center equipped with execution facilities. In January this year all the trials have been concluded, there are also some reports that it is a forerunner to execution.



Rika Matsumoto (34) who is third daughter of former guru, Shoko Asahara, Mr. Chizuo Matsumoto death row prisoner said "I was confused by receiving the report in this time. What is going on? Since 23 years have passed, I was wondering if my feelings on my father or my feelings on those who took care of me when I was small were weakening. But feelings were not weakened at all. It was warm yesterday, but I felt that my limbs were cold even though I wore a coat."



オウム死刑囚7人移送 執行時期は近い?

(Photo) Seven death row prisoners transferred this time.
AUM seven death row prisoners transported. Is the execution time close?



"The japanese system of death penalty will not inform to family in advance. 'We want you to come to pick up the corpse because the execution is finished', just a phone call comes in suddenly. When thinking that this news was supposed to be the news of execution, I feel that the spine froze or I feel as if I can not sleep. But my father is still alive and he can tell the truth if he can be treated. It have not finished yet, so I believe in our society and I think I have to do things I can do firmly."



Anthony Tu, professor emeritus at Colorado State University who met with death row prisoner Nakagawa Tomomasa on the 13th, looks back that "He said clearly that there is a possibility of being transferred, so this may be the last meeting. It seemed that he was ready to see execution being close."




(Photo) "The meeting may be last", How about the preparedness of Nakagawa death row prisoner?



Ms. Rika who is asked that what does she think if the death row prisoners are executed, says "The goal of 23 years to meet my father and listen to the truth suddenly disappears. And I do not know anything, I have to lose my beloved father and live as a daughter of a villainous person. I wonder if I can bear it. On other people, I also felt that I was losing my friends and acquaintances, remembering those days, I am terrified, sorrowful, despair."



■ "There is no testimony of the protagonist. It wiil be over without a point of view of the leading role."



Matsumoto death row prisoner said in the first instance trial in 1997 "I CAN SPEAK ENGLISH A LITTLE." When he appeared as a witness in 1999, he came to repeat irregular remarks such as "I become now a creature that can move the entire universe." In the appraisal of the six psychiatrists requested by the lawyer side, there is a result that "he is losing litigation ability in the state of mental loss." In addition, he has a custody reaction that happens when he is detained at a prison or detention center, and since symptoms such as depression, hallucinations, delusions appear, it is diagnosed that as soon as possible treatment is needed Also there is. He has reported that he did not say anything on the questioning of a defendant in 2013, and there was no reaction even if he was called, and his excrement was incontinent.




(Photo) Behavior of Asahara prisoner



However, in the February 2006 the Tokyo High Court judged that he had litigation ability by he was " pseudo dementia " indicating symptoms as if it is dementia, it is the opposition of the appraisal of a psychiatrist of a lawyer. So trial had been conducted. The judgment which appeared in this trial indicates that State judged that it can apply to the defendant as sentencing. In other words, the judiciary accumulated circumstantial evidence such as other testimony, applied to the death row Chizuo Matsumoto who did not testify from the middle of the first trial, murder charges on the Sarin incident in the subway, and decided the death penalty.



Nevertheless, Ms. Rika gives a preface as "When considering the victims and the bereaved families, it is very difficult to talk about this matter, and it is very hard to say." and appeals that "In the state of mental loss, we can not proceed with the trial, so it is supposed to be treated first. However, my father was said to be "fraud", and the trial proceeded with emotion theory. Because after the court decided that his ability to litigation was doubtless, the court made the doctor to appraise him, so they could not make any other conclusions. I think many people would feel uncomfortable with my story, but I'd like him to be treated as a law-abiding country and to be taken appropriate procedures. Then, I want the father to tell what kind of intention did he make AUM, what he thought of running to crime, and the remaining various questions. Of course, I think that there is social responsibility and moral responsibility, but if he does not master the plot and he is not in the place of conspiracy, I believe that criminal law will be innocent under the sarin attack on the subway."




(Photo) Ms. Rika Matsumoto's career



She spent her time from the age of 5 years old as "Acharya" and experienced father's arrest at the age of 12. She was fired part-time job, and she was also refused admission from college. Nevertheless, when she was asked about her father, she said, "I like him. I became to have affections for people because the presence of my father." There was a doubt whether such a father led the case. And I thought that I wanted him to see my family. Ms. Rika has visited the detention center several times to convey such feelings. However, her wish to hear the truth from her father's mouth at the end of the visit in 2008 has not been granted. "I am applying for more than once a month, so 120 times in the past 10 years."



弁護士が依頼した6人の精神科医の鑑定 ~2006年2月
[拘禁反応] うつ・幻覚・妄想等の症状が現れる → 一刻も早い治療が必要

(Photo) Psychiatric evaluation of Asahara death row prisoner
Appraisal with six psychiatrists requested by lawyers ~ February 2006
"He is in a state of insanity and loses litigation ability"
[Detention reaction] Symptoms such as depression, hallucination, delusions appear → As soon as possible early treatment is required.
Tokyo High Court, February 2006
"Pseudo dementia" and there was "litigation ability"



It is a fact that there are strict opinions against such behavior of Ms. Rika. In a lecture to young people who do not know the AUM incidents, "There is my father's colleague who loses his life with this incident" also flying hard questions. Ms. Rika answers with tears, "It is very difficult, even if my father led and caused such a sad incident, I would like him to make it clearly clear. I am sorry, please lend me your power to reveal the truth."




(Photo) close interview by Jun Hori! Asahara's third daughter - What is Rika's thought?



I think that "Actually, if a familiar person causes an incident, I think that some people feel the same way as me. Conversely, in order to protect their life, there are people who cut off that 'he is a bad guy because he did bad things.' I think there are various people. But, if I face my feelings without lying, I can not help having to break the case and the person." If treatment is approved, once again it is acknowledged that he is charged with litigation ability or crime, "In Japan, there is a sentence called the death penalty, so I want to return responsibility to my father. If my father is treated and my father returns consciousness, everything is my father's responsibility."



And she tears while talking that "I really hate the case and I absolutely never wanted to happen and I wanted it to not happen and if I can stop now by returning to that era, I will put my life to stop it."



■ I would like him to judge firmly after treatment



On the 12th, Mrs. Shizue Takahashi and others who lost their husbands in the sarin attack on metro were met with death row prisoners. She handed out a letter requesting attendance of executions to the Minister of Justice Kamikawa. Mrs. Takahashi talked about this reason with saying that "I want to see not only the trial but also the end."



(写真)死刑執行に立ち会い希望 サリン遺族は?

(Photo) The hope to witness executions. How about the sarin bereaved family?



Meanwhile, Hiroyuki Nagaoka, chairman of Aum Shinrikyo family association who was attacked by VX gas himself for trying to recapture his eldest son said, "It is no doubt that those guys committed guilty to death. But if they died, then thier crimes will remain with no change. We should definitely investigate the cause."



(写真)死刑執行に立ち会い希望 サリン遺族は?

(Photo) The hope to witness executions. How about the sarin bereaved family?



Journalist Mr. Jun Hori who is interviewing Rika says, "Mrs. Shizue Takahashi herself is also in a position demanding early execution of death penalty, she said that there was a disappointment not to get done with what everyone could do best for over 10 years until the death penalty was confirmed. After all, I understand the feelings of the victims well, but there is a doubt that the case was not sufficiently clarified in the trial. Also, do families whose parents committed a crime continue to throw stones? I think that it will not be tolerated that we can do anything against family members of perpetrators of the AUM incidents by the reason why they are family of perpetrator."



(写真)8bitNews主宰 堀 潤 麻原三女・松本麗華氏を取材 元NHKアナ 朝は#クロス

(Photo) Organizer of 8bitNews, Mr. Jun Hori / Interviewed Ms. Rika Matsumoto who is the third daughter of Asahara / Former NHK announcer / Morning is #cross 



"The defendant Matsumoto loses his ability to testify from the early stage of the trial. Nevertheless, the situation where the death penalty can be executed is a very ambiguous status. With no testimonies of the principal who knows the core, the trial will proceed based on surrounding testimonies. When I talk to Ms. Rika and Naoko Kikuchi who was declared innocent the other day, it seems that it is not a simple structure that the case was executed only by the mind control or the instruction of the guru. Then, I would like to hear experiences more from people who know the core. I would like to inquire again the appropriateness of situation that Shoko Asahara was left untreated for mental illness for the last ten years."




(Photo) She is applying for visitation more than once a month.



On 14th, the same day to be transferred, Yoshihiro Inoue also appealed for retriall to Tokyo High Court. According to his lawyer, Inoue death row prisoner said that he did not want to escape the death penalty, but reveal facts differently.



(写真)移送は死刑執行の前触れ?  オウム死刑囚7人移送 執行時期は近い?

(Photo) Is transportation a prelude to executions? Transported 7 AUM death row prisoners. Is the execution time close?



In 2008, she talked about her father when she last met, "When he was brought into the visiting room, he wore a diaper, his rough skin was turning up. He was in such a state that he did not know whether he heard or not. Even if I make a loud voice, he does not notice at all." Rika again appealed, "I think he is in a state that he can not receive prison sentence now. The ability to imprisonment is the ability to recognize that he was executed the death penalty when the execution of the death penalty was done. It is necessary. Current father can not respond to any external stimulus at all, it is said to be in front of coma. He dies without knowing whether he is alive or not. It will not be enough punishable for that. The Japan Federation of Bar Associations clearly recommends, and I want him to treat even from now. It's no more and no less. Then I would like to judge my father firmly." (From AbemaTV / "AbemaPrime")



(写真) オウム麻原彰晃の三女・松本麗華が生出演

(Photo) Aum Shoko Asahara's Third daughter - Rika Matsumoto on a live TV show



止まった時計 麻原彰晃の三女・アーチャリーの手記

止まった時計 麻原彰晃の三女・アーチャリーの手記