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オウム死刑囚、執行準備か 13人中7人を移送





オウム死刑囚、執行準備か 13人中7人を移送






[ 2018年3月15日 05:30 ]


English translation

AUM condemned criminals, preparations for execution? 7 people out of 13 transported


On March 14, the Ministry of Justice transferred 7 of 13 condemned criminals whose capital punishment was finalized in a series of cases by Aum Shinrikyo from the Tokyo detention center to detention centers in Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka and Sendai detention branch.


Chizuo Matsumoto death row prisoner (63) = Guru name: Shoko Asahara = and all 13 people were housed in the Tokyo detention center. According to stakeholders, seven people are each death row prisoners of Toshimasa Nakagawa (55), Tomomitsu Niimi (54), Yasuo Hayashi (current family name: Koike) (60), Kiyohide Hayakawa (68), Yoshihiro Inoue (48), Masato Yokoyama (54), Kazuaki Okazaki (current family name: Miyamae) Kazuaki (57).


In the same affair, it is usually considered to carry out the death penalty on the same day in consideration of the burden of the prison officer and to accommodate it in a dispersed manner. The Ministry of Justice executives in the case of the transfer are saying "It is no longer necessary to appear in the Tokyo District Court as a witness, and the detention in same place is high risk for terrorism and recapture".


[March 15, 2018 05:30]



未解決事件 オウム真理教秘録

未解決事件 オウム真理教秘録