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Ms. Rika Matsumoto (Taken in 2015)



Third daughter of Asahara death row prisoner is on TV live appearance. "When the death penalty is executed..." Talking in complex her mind.


 オウム真理教松本智津夫死刑囚(63)=教祖名・麻原彰晃=の三女で、アーチャリーこと松本麗華(りか)さん(34)が15日放送のAbemaTVの報道番組「Abema Prime」(月〜金曜後9・00)に出演した。生放送のテレビに出演するのは初。

Ms. Rika Matsumoto (34) also known as Acharya, third daughter of Mr. Chizuo Matsumoto of Aum Shinrikyo (63) = guru name, Shoko Asahara = was broadcasting Abema TV's broadcast program "Abema Prime" (Monday - Friday, PM 9:00) on the 15th. It is her first time to appear on live television.



She was born in 1983 as the third doughter of Matsumoto death row prisoner, when she was eleven years old in 1995 a sarin attack on the subway occured. In 2001, at the age of 18 she was fired part-time job because of the AUM incidents. In 2004, she refused admission to the university. Then, after 20 years since the sarin attack on the subway, she published a book. She is visiting detention center to clarify the truth of the incident.



On 14th, the Ministry of Justice transported seven of the 13 prisoner sentenced to death penalty by a series of cases by Aum Shinrikyo from the Tokyo detention center to detention centers in Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka and Sendai detention branch. After receiving reports, Rika said, "In the storm, I feel like I have been in the wild wave. Because they was transferred yesterday, I became an extraordinary psychological state. There was also the possibility of being a communication of execution."



Until now she has visited detention center several times to meet her father Matsumoto death row prisoner. However, they said, "He can not meet you because of his illness. He can not write letters because his eyes can not see.No messages." Her wish to listen to the truth from her father's mouth has not been granted.



When she is asked if Matsumoto prison was executed, she reveals it out, "I am troubled as to whether I can live myself. 23 years have passed since the incident occurred. I have lived with my goal of meeting my father, listening to the truth, what my father did, how he was involved in the incident. This large goal will banish. I have to live as a daughter of a villainer without knowing anything. I wonder if I can endure that situation."



止まった時計 麻原彰晃の三女・アーチャリーの手記

止まった時計 麻原彰晃の三女・アーチャリーの手記