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オウム死刑囚7人の移送終わる 刑の執行時期が焦点に





オウム死刑囚7人の移送終わる 刑の執行時期が焦点に

3月15日 15時32分























English Translation

AUM condemned criminals, 7 people finishing to transfer, Focus on the timing of execution

15:32 on March 15


The 13 people whose death penalty was confirmed in a series of cases by Aum Shinrikyo religious affairs, the seven people sent out from the Tokyo detention center on 14th, the last one entered the Fukuoka Detention Center on 15th, all the transportation was completed. The timing of execution will be focused in the future.


In a series of cases by Aum Shinrikyo, 13 death sentences including Shoko Asahara, real name, Chizuo Matsumoto death row prisoner (63) were confirmed, seven of them were sent from Tokyo detention center to five detention centers of Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and Sendai.


The transfer destination are that Osaka Detention Center is Yoshihiro Inoue death row prisoner (48) and Tomomitsu Niimi death row prisoner (54), the Nagoya Detention Center is Kazuaki Okazaki death row prisoner (57) and Masato Yokoyama death row prisoner (54), Hiroshima Detention Center is Tomomasa Nakagawa death row prisoner (55), Fukuoka detention center is Kiyohide Hayakawa death row prisoner (68), and Sendai detention branch is Yasuo Hayashi death row prisoner (60). Among them, Hayakawa death row prisoner moved by car from Tokyo and arrived at Fukuoka Detention Center on 15th.


Meanwhile, the former head of cult Matsumoto death row prisoner was left at the Tokyo detention center.


The background transferred in this period seems to have been the case that the criminal trials of a series of cases ended in January last year and opportunities for delegation prisoners' death row inmates have been lost in the court.


Also, it seems to be related to the preparations for the execution, and the timing of execution will be the focus in the future.


Hayakawa death row prisoner played a central role

Kiyohide Hayakawa death row prisoner is one of the oldest senior members of the cult.


Hayakawa death row prison entered the "Aum Shin Sen no Kai", a religion of the Aum Shinrikyo's predecessor and a yoga circle in 1986. After this religious organizations whose name was changed to "Aum Shinrikyo", he became the chief of "Ministry of Construction" in charge of the construction of facilities. In addition, he played a central role as Shoko Asahara, a real name, Mr. Chizuo Matsumoto, an aide to death row prisoners, involved in expanding cults.


In the case by this cult, it was charged as a main criminal offender of the murder case of Mr. Tsutsumi Sakamoto family who was doing activities to return believers to their families. In the case, the court admitted the contents of prosecution, stated the words of reflection, and claimed that the death penalty was too heavy as "I could not resist the instructions of Matsumoto death row prisoners."


The Supreme Court pointed out that "It is an extremely strong anti-social crime that killed lawyers who were doing legitimate activities at all," and dismissed the appeal of the defendant in 2009 and the death penalty was confirmed.



未解決事件 オウム真理教秘録

未解決事件 オウム真理教秘録